Have you heard about the benefits of spinal decompression? Protec is the only therapeutic device available that offers floating manipulative therapy. It’s appropriate for acute and chronic low back or neck pain. If you’re suffering from a disc-related issue, you may find your nonsurgical solution at Southcenter Chiropractic Massage and Rehab through Protec.

Accu-SPINA®: There is no Substitute

The Accu-SPINA® is the only therapeutic device approved to deliver IDD Therapy® (Intervertebral Differential Dynamics) Disc Treatment. IDD Therapy® is a broad range of treatment protocols that mimics many conventional physical-therapy regimens.

Unlike those other regimens, the Accu-SPINA® is able to treat the specific spinal segments that are damaged with computer directed precision, and variable pressure, to ensure an individualized treatment protocol for each patient. There truly is no other spinal rehabilitation device like the Accu-SPINA®.

Neck and Back Pain

Disc problems can cause pain in your neck or your back. Whether you’ve gotten a new injury or have been struggling for years, you can benefit from Protec therapy. If you’ve been told that you might need surgery, this is a good way to prepare for your procedure or avoid having to resort to it.

The symptoms you might experience include

  •  Back pain
  •  Disc bulge
  •  Disc herniation
  •  Neck pain
  •  Radiating leg or arm pain
  •  Spinal stenosis


I’m in pain. Can I still use Protec therapy?

Yes. Patients who are in excruciating pain find that when they do this therapy, they feel immediate relief. We can also complete therapeutic exercises that you may not ordinarily be able to do while you’re doing Protec therapy.

Is Protect therapy covered by insurance?

Yes, and we are in-network providers with nearly all insurances. It can also be covered by your personal injury protection or workers’ compensation.

What is the new patient process to get Protec therapy?

It’s the same as for a regular new patient, involving a consultation and examination. We’ll look at any X-rays or MRIs you have, or can take X-rays on-site if needed.

Do I have to be a chiropractic patient?

Some can benefit from chiropractic and Protec therapy, while others get the greatest benefit from Protec as a standalone option. We’ll determine what’s right for you from your examination.

How long does a Protec session take?

About 15-20 minutes in total. If you’re also getting a chiropractic adjustment, that will add about 10 minutes to your time with us.