I Was Skeptical About Chiropractic

While in college, Dr. Virk was in the Kinesiology program and worked as an athletic trainer. He had many friends in medical school and was considering going into sports medicine or physical therapy. There was one drawback: he didn’t like the idea of taking drugs and hadn’t taken one himself since age 11.

A competitive athlete, Dr. Virk was at the Volleyball tryouts for the Canada Games when he was in an accident. The resulting pain left him so desperate that he was willing to try his mom’s chiropractor, despite hearing negative things from his medical-minded friends. The adjustment was life-changing for Dr. Virk. “I felt the best I had in years. Then, I noticed my athletic performance improved. I was convinced at the efficacy of chiropractic and decided to become a chiropractor.”

Training and Additional Qualifications

Dr. Virk attended Logan University. While there, he attended seminars through organizations such as Dynamic Essentials and Sports Chiropractic, complementing his studies at chiropractic college. He graduated with a Doctor of Chiropractic, having served as President of the International Chiropractic Fraternity and President of the student body. Additionally, he was recognized as the Vancouver College Athlete in the Year in 1996.

Over time, Dr. Virk has attended regular courses to keep his skills updated. He was at the first ever pediatric Chiropractic conference back in the early 1990s. Through advanced training he has taken includes topics such as pediatrics, auto injuries and sports chiropractic. He holds an advanced qualification in motor vehicle accident reconstructive work through the Spine Research Institute of San Diego.


Staying Busy With Family and Chiropractic

Dr. Virk is a world traveler. He was born in India, raised in Canada and trained there as well as in the U.S. He is the founder of the Chiropractic Games, which is the largest international sporting event for health care students. Over 1,800 students compete each year in sports such as volleyball, basketball, soccer, and ice hockey.

When he isn’t busy with patients at Southcenter Chiropractic Massage and Rehab, Dr. Virk stays busy with his three children and as a member of the Doctors Speakers Bureau. He loves to play tennis, mountain bike and hiking with his family. His children are all active in sports and get regularly adjusted, just like their father. Dr. Virk enjoys working with his hands and building homes or working on remodeling projects.

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