Dr. Karm Virk attended Logan University, graduating in 1993. Raised in Canada, Dr. Virk wanted to live in the Northwest U.S., where he’d be close to family in British Columbia and have proximity to the mountains and the water. Southcenter Chiropractic Massage and Rehab has been a part of our community for more than two decades.

A Natural Form of Health Care for All Ages

Chiropractic is for everyone, including babies, pregnant women, and athletes of all levels. Our team has taken care of people including entire families, professional athletes from NFL, NBA, NHL and PGA and seniors well into their 90s. Noninvasive and drug-free, nearly anyone can benefit from chiropractic.

The Personalized Touch You Deserve 

When you walk in, you’ll be treated kindly and respectfully like the unique person you are – even if you’re suffering and in pain or don’t feel like the best version of yourself. Some are skeptical of chiropractic, as a 65-year-old man was who recently came in. He said that his wife forced him to come in, but he was willing to give it a try in getting rid of his almost-daily headaches.

Within three weeks, the headaches were gone. The pain that used to drive the man to tears, that cost him $42,000 in different medical treatments with no effect, was finally gone.

No matter what your specific concern is, we will make every effort in getting you a resolution.

Restore Your Health With Us

We’re here to help as many people as possible improve their well-being. Our particular focus is on helping people who have been injured in workplace accidents and motor vehicle accidents. It’s our goal to make sure you recover and return to your pre-accident life quickly so that you can go about your daily activities with ease.

Some people may not even realize how an injury has affected them, and have been dealing with the effects of the injury for years. As you begin care, you’ll be amazed at how much better you can feel!

Keeping You In the Driver’s Seat

You cannot make a choice unless you are aware of the options. At Southcenter Chiropractic Massage and Rehab, we teach you about your health to enable your decision-making. Ultimately, your health is in your hands—you have to decide how to live your life, but we give you tools to make the best decisions for yourself.